Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer (x86)

Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer (x86) 2.1

It allows to use the mouse to control common Internet Explorer functionality
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Mouse Gestures for Internet Explorer is a plug-in (which consists of a computer program that interacts with a host application to provide a certain function) that adds support for mouse gestures to IE. This function is very similar to the Opera/Firefox-style mouse gestures. Mouse gestures allow the user to execute, in a single mouse move, common tasks, such as: go forward in browsing history, go back, close a current window/tab, open a new window.
If you perform the new window gesture over a link, then the mouse gestures plug-in will open that link in a new window.

And much more, in one word you can perform regular tasks much easier. With this plug-in, you can configure which action each mouse gesture will execute when you perform it, you can even configure your own tasks. You can build-in your personal and favorite actions and also specify your own combination keystrokes.

Those who use Opera or Firefox as their personal browsers, are already familiar with these options. With this plug-in, Internet Explorer will work somewhat similar to Opera or Firefox. This program also supports Windows x64, you just need to find the appropriate download option.

Elsa Flores Ahedo
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  • A completely new gesture engine
  • Updated mouse trails
  • Better scripting support
  • Support for Windows x64


  • A little bit confusing if you are an Internet Explorer user
  • You have to be familiar with the gestures actions
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